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Creators Connection Membership

The Creators Connection is a business coaching group that we have been operating since 2017. It is open to creative business owners anywhere in the world. There are currently 200 members in the group. We share all of our Redeemed Decor digital files in the group so that members can make the same projects in their own businesses. We share an average of 30 new files per month. We also offer tutorials, supply lists, business coaching, marketing tips, and a private Facebook page for group discussions and feedback. The cost is $27 per month and you can cancel your plan at any time.

How to Sign Up:

Step 1 - Select the Creators Connection Plan

Step 2 - Sign Up for an Account with an email address you will remember

Step 3 - Create a Password

Step 4 - When Prompted, select "Buy Now"

Step 5 - Enter your Billing Info

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  • Best Value

    Creators Connection

    Every month
    Worldwide Coaching for Workshop Owners
    • Project Plans and Digital Files
    • Business Tips and Strategies
    • Training Videos
    • Community Support

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