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Fun DIY Patriotic Decor

I don’t do a ton of interior decorating for the 4th of July but I do love to add a lot of patriotic flair to my front porch. In early June, there is so much anticipation for summer. BBQ’s, sprinklers, beach towels, and watermelon are right around the corner! It’s the perfect time to start transitioning from spring décor to all things red, white, and blue. This year, I wanted to add some fun new DIY décor that would add a simple vintage farmhouse feel. I created these 4 new items that I am excited to share with you!


We have so much fun making personalized signs for all of the holidays. From the Flower Stand to the Pumpkin Patch and the Christmas Tree Farm, we have done personalized signs for every season. It was time to add in a Family Fireworks Stand sign! This 12×24 inch sign is made with 1/4 inch plywood backing. We paint the background with a flat latex paint, apply an adhesive vinyl stencil, and apply the lettering paint by dabbing it on with a make up wedge sponge. We frame the sign with 1×2 pine lumber by stapling through the back of the plywood and into the 1×2 pine pieces using a Ryobi Air Strike Staple Gun. This stencil is available in our Etsy Shop at

📷Our next Patriotic DIY project was these rustic chunky pieces that we call Freedom Finials. I love the way they look like reclaimed vintage architectural pieces, even though they are easily made from new items. We cut 2 pieces of 4×4 post at 6 and 8 inches long. We added a 4.5 inch square piece of half inch birch plywood to the top and bottom of the post pieces using the Ryobi Air Strike Nail Gun. Then we added wood ball fence post caps to the top. We painted, stenciled, sanded, and then glazed these with Watco Danish Oil in Dark Walnut to give them an antique look. Then we drilled holes in the tops and added American Flags.


This 12×24 inch subway style sign adds some sparkle and whimsy to our porch décor. It reminds us of all the fun things that we love about the 4th of July! We made this sign using the same method as the Fireworks Stand sign. The Stencil for this sign is also available in our Etsy shop at


The 4th and final item that we made was a Patriotic Wood Pennant Banner. These triangles are made from 1/4 inch plywood. They each measure 5.5 x 8 inches and we cut them at a 20 degree angle using a Compound Miter Saw. We pre drilled the holes, painted, stenciled, sanded, and applied Watco Danish Oil in Dark Walnut to each piece to give them an antique finish. We then strung these pieces onto twine to make an 8ft long banner. This pennant banner would be so cute on a porch or entry table. above the front door, or even on the mantle. The stencils for this project are available in our Etsy shop or you can even purchase the full kit that includes 8 wood triangles with pre drilled holes, stencils, and twine.


It has been so much fun to create this set of 4 DIY Patriotic Décor projects. They will be out on my porch in just a couple weeks! I love to combine seasonal or holiday décor with universal décor items like wood crates, rocking chairs, lanterns, gates, wagons, etc. Be sure to follow our Facebook page to see this décor once it hits my porch as well as tutorial videos, new stencil designs, and more décor ideas.

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