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Rethunk Junk Paint

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How to Use Rethunk Junk Resin Paint
1. Prep your piece! The Rethunk Junk Resin Paint formula has amazing bonding qualities that allow it to adhere to almost any surface without the need to sand or use a primer. However, you do need to thoroughly clean and prep your project. Spray a thin layer of the Rethunk Junk Prep Spray onto your project. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes to work its magic. Wipe off the prep spray with a clean rag. Keep prepping and wiping until your rag comes away clean. You will be surprised at how much gunk will come off! If your piece has a very shiny finish, use a green Scotch Brand scrubby pad to wipe off your prep spray. When you finish prepping, you should see the shine reduced on your piece and it should feel slightly sticky. Now you are ready for paint!
2. Your first coat should look horrible! This is your bonding coat. It should be thin and transparent. You should be able to see the old finish underneath the first coat. The first coat will dry very quickly. You can apply the paint with any synthetic bristle paint brush or a 4” wide high density foam roller. Foam rollers are great for applying very thin coats and covering large, flat areas very quickly. Brushes are great for edges, trim, and detailed areas. When the first coat is dry to the touch, apply the next thin coat. Most projects will only require 2 coats. However, if you are using white paint to cover a very dark finish, it can take more coats. Allow your final coat to dry overnight before moving on to the next steps.
3. Customize your finish! If you would like to distress or glaze your piece, now is the time! Use a power sander to remove paint from the edges and corners of your piece to give it a rustic, aged look. Apply the glaze to a small area with a brush and then use a damp rag to blend it and wipe off any excess glaze until you get a look that you love.
4. Let your finish cure for 24 hours before sealing. We recommend that you seal all high use projects like Kitchen Cabinets, Dining Table Tops, Coffee Table Tops, etc. Apply the Tuff Top coat with a brush in very thin coats. The Tuff Top is a milky white color in the jar but will dry clear and give your piece extra durability.
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