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Do you have a passion for creating and sharing your talents and gifts with others? Are you considering starting your own business hosting DIY Workshops?

In this ebook, I will discuss the Basics of Setting up your Business, Social Media Tips, Class Bookings and Payments, Workshop Project Selection, Cost Calculations, Class Set Up and Supply Lists, Class Structure, Customer Satisfaction, Class Project Ideas, and Ways to Grow Your Business.

I have been hosting DIY Workshops for several years. I started out hosting out of my home and have grown my business tremendously over the past few years. I now own a commercial DIY Workshop business, a retail store, and online shop. We have had over 2000 people attend our workshops in the past year alone! This field is exploding! Now is the time to launch your creative workshop business. I would love to share my experience, tips, and tricks with your in this 13 page informational eBook.

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